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Are tooth extractions an emergency?

Tooth Extractions

tooth extractions

As a child, losing a tooth is a happy occasion. This is not the case for adults especially if it is unexpected and results in one or many emergency tooth extractions. Many times, people do not perceive dental procedures as emergencies. However, there are several instances where your tooth concern could turn into an emergency extraction. You may feel like your case is not anemergency, but it is always best the call a dental office for further evaluation.  If left untreated, many problems can escalateDentists will always try their best to save the tooth, but if repair is not possible, they may recommend an emergency tooth extraction. Unfortunately, an emergency tooth extraction is sometimes the only way to ease pain and restore oral health.

Tooth extractions are performed with a local anesthetic to reduce pain. After removing the tooth, the dentist will make recommendations for your postoperative period to ensure quick healing and recovery.The following are situations that may require emergency tooth extraction:


Injury or broken tooth

There are many scenarios that result in broken teeth, such as getting hit in the mouth or falling.  Also, having a tooth with a root canal or large filling can also put it at risk of fracturing. If the fracture occurs along or below the gum line, the tooth needs to be removed as soon as possible.


Severe tooth decay

When there is severe decay, but there is enough healthy tooth structure remaining, the tooth can still be saved by a filling, root canal, or crown. However, if the decay is so bad that the tooth cannot be restored the only solution is to remove the tooth.


Gum disease

Gum disease in its early stages is reversible with a professional dental cleaning and excellent at-home oral hygiene. However, once it develops into an advanced stage, called periodontitis, the gums may recede severely, leaving the teeth with little or no gum support. Often times, the dentist may need to perform emergency dental extraction to stop the progression of the disease.


Know where to get emergency dental care before you need it

If you have experienced a tooth injury or have been dealing with tooth pain, you need to visit a dentist office to have it evaluated. If a dentist cannot save your tooth, the final resort is to perform an emergency tooth extraction. As an emergency office, we have plenty of experience with emergency tooth extractions. Contact our St. Louis Emergency Dental location today if you are experiencing any tooth pain. We will get you taken care of!